About Me

Hello! I'm James, that's me on the right... I am an experienced Wiltshire

based Wedding Photographer & Videographer...

but I cover all across the UK and beyond!


Since I can remember I've always loved photographs & film making,

always focusing on the pictures instead of words.

As a child I would get excited coming home from school to play around

with my dads big clunky camera and camcorder, making stop motion

(Like Wallace & Gromit) of my action figures (Batman Vs Power Rangers)

and anything else I could film or take pictures of.


I love every element of photography and film, learning as much

about the subject as possible.


I love travelling, snowboarding, coffee shops and my dogs -

we have a long haired Chihuahua called Teddy and a

Miniature Yorkshire Terrier called Bonnie.

Any excuse to get outdoors and get some awesome shots is a day well spent.


Why I do what I do? Every single wedding is so different and in their own right.

I love seeing each couples' individuality towards their wedding.


I want to capture all of the love, hilarity, exhilarating, tearful

and timeless moments that make your day, well... yours.


My simple aim for each and every wedding I get the honour of documenting,

is just to tell your story honestly and creatively... without getting in the way!


Sounds like your cup of tea, or coffee? Have a little nose around the website

and just send me an email to see if I'm available for your incredible story.

Let's do this.